We often discard corn silk, and it’s treated as waste. When I was a kid, I collected corn silk whenever I saw someone peeling fresh corn and played masak-masak with it. It’s like playing with hair! Absolutely fun and environmentally friendly. LOL!

I saw this recipe years ago, it reminded me that I’ve seen corn silk sold at Cameron Highlands, and the store owner told me it’s good for the kidneys. I’ve also read about it saying it’s diuretic and good for people with water retention. According to Baike.com, it’s good for edema, hypertension, diabetes, jaundice, gallstones and it’s also good for lactation purposes. Benefits of corn silk can also be found on WebMD. And it could also help with fat reduction, as said in this research paper.

During another trip to Cameron highlands, I bought two packets of young corn. I remembered this drink that I’ve seen before. I bought some really dark sugar, and I made it, not knowing how the taste will turn out. This drink is quite nice, and the fragrance of corn silk is refreshing!

Take note that I did not use Blackstrap Molasses, of which are bitter. I bought these really dark molasses sugar from  organic stores. If not, jaggery 红糖 (gula merah) will make a good substitute and more budget friendly.

Corn silk from both mature and immature corn can be used. Both types provide different nutrients. Young corn silk is rich in Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc and mature corn silk provides more Natrium, Iron and Manganese, according to this research. Both types provides antioxidants and flavonoids but  young corn silk provides more of both. Sun dried corn silk has less nutrients compared to fresh or cornsilk dried without sun exposure , according to this research.

Emmm…. I am not sure about it’s lactating effects, although it was said to be beneficial for that purpose. I never tried this drink when I was still breastfeeding.
If anyone tried this drink and found that it helps with breastfeeding, please share with me the good news.

Well even though it doesn’t help with lactation, the warming effects of red dates and the nutrition rich molasses is good for confinement.  Still a good drink, and a nice change from Red Date Tea.

Frankly, I never knew that corn silk can have so many benefits, until I started googling for information to write this post. So often it’s treated as trash, and discarded, and I think… I really need to drink more corn silk tea to reap more of its benefits. I will try to buy corn still in husks instead of shucked corn—-> I want to lose FATTTT!!! LOL.

Corn Silk Molasses Tea

Recipe by WendyinKK
Idea from : MeishiChina

50gm corn silk
20 red dates, seeds removed
Dark molasses sugar (黑糖 black sugar) to taste
2L water

1. Bring water to boil, put in red dates and simmer for 30 minutes.
2. Add in corn silk and dark molasses sugar and simmer for another 10 minutes.
3. Drink it warm for confinement, or serve chilled on a hot day.