Mandarins are abundant at this time, when it’s around Lunar New Year.

If I need to use Mandarin segments in my bakes, normally I will buy canned mandarins because I had no idea how to peel away the membrane. Mandarin membranes can’t be easily sliced off as the segments are loose , unlike oranges that are snugly bound.

This time, it came upon me the idea of blanching and peel, just like how we peel nuts. I tried it and it works!

1. Peel the mandarin. Separate into segments and remove all the stringy stuff.
2. Blanch the segments in boiling water for 10 seconds. Adjust the time to suit your fruit. Blanching for too long will make the mandarin arils too fragile.
3. Drain the segments and put them into water to cool off.
4. Snip the inner end of the mandarin membrane.
5. Peel away the membrane.
6. Mandarin segments are ready for use.

How they glisten in the sun… all shiny and smooth 🙂

and against the sunlight… I like this shot 🙂