Kuih Koci is a chewy dumpling wrapped in banana leaf, with sweet coconut filling. The ‘skin’ can come in green, purple or white, depending on the ingredients used.

The Cantonese community here calls this as 鸡脚指 ‘gai geok jee’ that means Chicken Claws. It’s just a nickname due to the similarity in the sound ‘Kuih Koci’ with ‘Gai Geok Jee’. I’m not sure if there are any other names for this kuih.

I used Easwari brand of black glutinous rice flour and I am so happy with the results.
Sometimes, some black glutinous rice flour, doesn’t come out that dark and might make the kuih gritty. I wonder if those not so good ones mixed up wild rice with black glutinous rice flour, as wild rice is not easy to chew. I got Easwari black glutinous rice flour from Aeon.

My sweet coconut filling this time looks lighter as well, because I used a mixture of Gula Jawa with Thai coconut sugar (Disk form). Fantastic outcome. Won praises from my eaters regarding the filling, it’s a fragrance that was new to them.

This method of wrapping uses the ‘harder’ leaves and smaller piece is needed

There are many ways to wrap kuih koci. You can do it conical, or you can do it like a trapezoid or if you prefer, you can do it like a pyramid. Just get it into that banana leaf and it’s all alright.

If you noticed, my kuih koci didn’t look oily. I didn’t use any oil, but only coconut milk that naturally is oily. Traditionally, the Malay way is, when one wraps kuih koci, a spoon of lightly salted coconut cream is added onto it. When steamed, there will be white specks on the wrapped kuih. Something I actually don’t like. I prefer it to look ‘clean like how it looks like at nyonya kuih stalls.

If you prefer to skip the brushing step, then you need to oil the wrapping or oil the dough before you wrap.

Kuih Koci Pulut Hitam

by WendyinKK
Makes 40 pcs 

150gm black glutinous rice flour
400gm glutinous rice flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp sugar
200gm coconut milk
300gm water
Extra water if needed

500gm sweet coconut filling
50 ml coconut milk + 1/8 tsp salt

40 pcs banana leaf (5X6 inch), wilted over flame

1. Form dough. Mix all the dry ingredients together. Pour in coconut milk and water. Combine and knead to form a dough. Let the dough rest.
2. Roll or compress sweet coconut filling into 12-13 gm balls. Keep chilled.
3. Wipe banana leaf clean and wilt over flame. Cut into preferred size.
4. Divide dough into 25gm each.
5. Wrap a piece of filling with a piece of flattened dough.
6. Generously brush lightly salted coconut milk (only middle area) onto the matte side of the banana leaf.
7. Place wrapped dough balls onto the leaf and brush more coconut milk on top.
8. Wrap the kuih according to how you will like it.
9. Steam wrapped dumplings on medium heat for 15 mins