Normally I don’t do product reviews, but if I happen to really need it, I will. So about a month ago, sleep quality has deteriorated, and I actually blame it on my pillow, it’s been very much well used over the years. And then I received an email asking if I will do a review for some latex bedding products. 

I checked out their website to find out about their products, it helps me to decide, to accept this collaboration or not. Now… I grew up sleeping on latex beddings, and still do. Yes my current King Size is a latex bed (it’s 10 years already and I’m thinking to change it) but too bad. King size mattress wasn’t in their list for me. I was contemplating, should I should I not because a mattress at the wrong size is quite troublesome. 

So in the end, I just chose two pillows instead of a mattress. 

Origin Mattress

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