It’s been quite a while I did something to add to my list of ‘healthier options’.

I’m a moderate eater. I eat everything, and the only thing I ever indulge in is vegetables, and my old buddies know how much vegetables I can eat in one sitting.

I love avocado, and I am trying to find ways to eat more of it.
The thought of it being creamy and buttery…. led me to use it as a mayonnaise substitute.
I checked the internet and yeah, this idea is used by many as well.

Just in case you are not aware… mayonnaise is made mostly of oil. If you tried making your own mayonnaise once… you will be very careful with the amount you consume.

This is my way of doing my avocado egg sandwich….. ratio of egg to avocado is almost 1:1.
This sandwich is quite filling!

Avocado Egg Sandwich

by WendyinKK
Serves 2

2 small hard boiled eggs
1 small avocado
sea salt to taste
some black pepper
a bit Wasabi, optional
4 slices of bread of choice
butter for spreading

1. Spread some softened butter onto one side of each slice of bread.
2. Mash eggs with avocado, and season with some salt and black pepper. Taste it. Add wasabi if you enjoy the heat.
3. Spread half the mash onto one slice of buttered bread, sprinkle a wee bit of sea salt over(it brings out the taste of avocado better with some grains of salt)
4. Top with another slice of bread and press to adhere.
5. Slice and serve.