It’s been a great 12 months.
Seriously great!

A big thank you to all my hosts, Alan, Lena, Shannon, Annie, Sharon, Alice, Alvin, Kelly, Swee San and Grace.
Thank you for writing the write up, hosting and doing all the postings and cooking to spur others into trying out Asian cuisine, and most probably going out of our own comfort zone. It wasn’t easy and I’m glad it all turned out well.

Thank you to all fellow bloggers who participated, and sorry if there were instances when we had to send you a PM for certain issues. I hope that you will forgive me.

And lastly, thank you all the readers who have supported this event in your very own way. Thank you.

And as for those who remember, I mentioned before that there will be an event that focuses on China’s cuisine. I am not the organizer, and the organizer mentioned to me, that we shall take a few month’s rest.

I would also like to apologize to everybody as I seem less proactive this time compared to MFF.
I do hope that my blogging mojo will come back soon, as now I am feeling great slacking…… not a good news eh! Haha.

Here is the original AFF page with all the FAQ’s, if you like to read it.

And here is our Facebook page of which you can access for as long as it lasts 🙂

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