Pumpkin Rice Vermicelli is a popular noodle dish from Taiwan.
But I have never tried it before in Taiwan.

I have no idea if this will be something similar, but I just cooked this based on my own imagination.

This is a dish that I cook and make my kids eat more pumpkin.
Cutting the pumpkin seems like a lot of work for people who don’t enjoy cutting. Use a mandolin if needed.

Pumpkins are quick to soften, so do not cook them for long, if not, they will turn mushy. The finer you cut them, the shorter the cooking time.

You can use different types of rice noodles and I have even tried using Korean sweet potato glass noodles to do it too, but you will need more water to cook it.

I have also used butternut squash before, Japanese Kabocha and regular local pumpkins too. They will all work fine.

Pumpkin Rice Vermicelli 金瓜米粉

by WendyinKK
Serves: 4-5 pax

200g rice vermicelli, either Hsinchu or Thai, it’s ok
100g pork belly
2 Tbsp dried shrimp
500-600g pumpkin
2 eggs
2 cloves of garlic
2 sprigs of spring onion

Cooking instructions in video below