It was in 2001 that I came up with this dish.

It was inspired by my first taste of Agedashi Tofu. And for many years I have cooked it many times, this way.

I’ve taken the pics of this dish many times throughout the years, starting from the first few months of blogging, and each time I cooked this again.. LOL. I just never shared this recipe for almost 7 years, not that I was reluctant too, but just never got around to do it.

There were times when my seaweed just burst like Hulk’s clothes… sometimes they stay nice.
I don’t know why exactly. I didn’t notice the reasons. Oil too hot? Fry too long?

As this dish is slightly on the sweet side, eating each piece with some spring onion balances the flavours nicely. If you don’t like that sweet tinge, skip the sugar, but somehow I like it this way.
If your seaweed doesn’t taste of any pepper, you can add in some pepper to the gravy. I think adding some ginger juice will taste great too, but I never tried adding anything else.

Seaweed Tofu Rolls

Created by WendyinKK

3 tubes of Egg Tofu
18 pcs seasoned seaweed snack (nori)
Cornstarch for dusting

3 shallots, chopped
3 Tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar

2 sprigs of spring onion (white and green separated and sliced)

1. Cut each tube of tofu into 4 pcs.
2. Dust one piece of seaweed snack with cornstarch and paste it onto a moist tofu, if the seaweed is not enough to wrap around, add 1/2 pc more. If the edges don’t stick, moisten them.
3. Pan fry the wrapped tofu until they turn golden.
4. In a clean pan, heat some oil, around 2 Tbsp and saute the chopped shallots until golden, add in white parts of spring onion, if you dont like to taste the pungency of the raw white parts. Put in 3/4 cup of water (or more) and then soy sauce and sugar. Let it simmer for a while, taste it and adjust to your preference. The sauce should be nicely seasoned and slightly sweet.
5. Pour the sauce over the fried tofu and sprinkle green parts of spring onion over.