This is an easy kuih and it’s nice to eat. I can finish the whole lot of it myself! LOL.

Previously, I have eaten the pumpkin version of this, and having it in sweet potato form is an interesting change.

I saw this kuih shared by Anncoo and having some sweet potatoes and not knowing what to do with it, I sprang into action right away. Since I only have 150g of coconut milk in the fridge, I needed to adjust the amount of ingredients accordingly. I decided not to steam it and simmered the potatoes until soft, as liquid is needed in the recipe itself. Boiling is definitely faster than steaming. I can be a lazy bum at times seeking shortcuts here and there.

I ran out of tapioca starch and only had sago starch at home. You can use tapioca starch if you prefer, but cornstarch will not work.

Steamed Sweet Potato Gems

by WendyinKK
Ref: Anncoo

200-220gm sweet potato cubes (peeled weight)
100gm sugar
150ml coconut milk
200ml water + 2 blades of pandan
100gm sago starch*
Pinch of salt

Freshly grated coconut to coat + Pinch of salt (optional, I always prefer no salt)

1. Rub pandan leaf to bruise and tie into a knot. Put water, pandan knot and sweet potato cubes into a saucepan. Bring to a boil and cover. Simmer until the sweet potatoes are soft. Fish out all the sweet potatoes. Let it cool down until warm, if you cannot wait. 
2.  Weigh the sweet potatoes. Top up with the cooking water until you have 300g. Discard balance of water and pandan knot.
3. Blend all the batter ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour into a greased 7 inch square pan
4. Steam on medium heat 25 mins.
5. Cool down and cut into preferred shape and coat with freshly grated coconut.

*Tapioca, Arrowroot or sweet potato starch can be used as well.